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Agricultural and sideline products deep processing

Agricultural and sideline products deep processing

Project Description

Polygonum cuspidatum Processing Project - Resveratrol Extraction Project

Construction site:Wenchuan territory

Construction period :3 years

Nature of construction

New Market Analysis and Forecast

Polygonum cuspidatum sieb. et zucc. is a perennial herbaceous plant of the family Polygonaceae. It is also known as yinyanglian, live resveratrol blood dragons, and sour sticks. The content of resveratrol is 2%, which is currently the main raw material for extracting resveratrol.

At present, the use of resveratrol in the world is around 3,000 tons. China's annual export volume is about 300 tons. The price has been relatively stable at about 470,000 yuan/ton, and supply is in short supply.

Construction conditions

1. Polygonum cuspidatum is mainly produced in Sichuan, Yunnan, Guizhou and other places, generally harvested for 3 years. Wenchuan County has obvious geographical advantages along the Sanhuan Road, and wild Polygonum cuspidatum is widely distributed, with an output of about 50,000 tons. The per mu production volume is 4000-6000 kg, the purchase price is 4000-5000 yuan/ton, and the income per mu is about 2000 yuan.

2. The company plans to produce 900 tons of resveratrol annually. It is carried out in two phases, with an annual output of 300 tons of resveratrol and an output value of 144.10 million yuan.

3. In the first phase, we need to use 15,000 mu of Polygonum cuspidatum (acquisitioned by planting companies in neighboring counties and cities), and produce 25,000 tons of Polygonum cuspidatum annually. Bring farmers income 100 million yuan.

4. The company has foreign trade and export rights, professional craftsmen and mature technology. Now it is necessary to introduce cooperation and development.

Total investment

20 million yuan

Proposed capital

20 million yuan



Economic benefits

After the completion of the first phase, the output value will be 140 million yuan, which will drive farmers' income to reach 100 million yuan.

preliminary work

The feasibility study report for the giant knotweed deep processing project is under preparation.

The Polygonum cuspidatum is a three-year-old crop. Pilot planting is underway.

The plant site selection and equipment selection work has started.

cooperation method

Sole investment or joint venture

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