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Introduction to Polygonum cuspidatum extract

Polygonum cuspidatum is one of the plants of the family Polygonaceae. It was originally grown in East Asia and is widely distributed in China. Polygonum cuspidatum is used in traditional Chinese medicine and traditional Chinese medicine to treat a variety of diseases, including mold infections, various skin inflammations, cardiovascular diseases and liver diseases. Resveratrol and emodin are the main functional components of Polygonum cuspidatum. Studies have shown that resveratrol and emodin exhibit a wide range of antioxidant properties, such as LDL cholesterol oxidation and lipid peroxidation. Resveratrol also shows the advantages of:

polygonum cuspidatum extract
polygonum cuspidatum extract


Cardiovascular health and blood circulation,
Reduce pain,
Heat and dehumidify,
Detoxify and go to the cockroach
Other ingredients including tanshinone, emodin methyl ether and rhein have anti-inflammatory, ankle arthritis and antimicrobial activity.

Resveratrol 99%
Resveratrol 98%


Resveratrol is usually taken 1-3 times a day, and the total daily dose should be 50-80 mg.

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