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Polygonum cuspidatum shoots

Extracts of Polygonum cuspidatum are not only widely used in the pharmaceutical industry, but are also used in various industries such as health products and cosmetics, and the international market demands a lot of space. In medicine, it has the effects of promoting blood stasis, expelling wind, detoxifying, relieving inflammation, relieving pain, dispelling heat and jaundice, treating chronic bronchitis and lowering blood fat. Its rhizomes are also rich in emodin, chrysophanol, rhein and so on.

“Polygonum cuspidatum shoots can be processed into Polygonum cuspidatum, and at the same time, the waste after resveratrol extraction can be used to produce bioorganic.” Zhong Yi, chief agronomist of the county agriculture bureau, said that the next step will also increase the research and development of new products. , Cultivate and develop competitive products, form core competitiveness; expand processing scale, conduct in-depth development, extend industrial chain, and increase industrial added value.

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