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Resveratrol and joint health

The researchers evaluated the effects of resveratrol on the health of women's joints over the years, especially age-related osteoarthritis, such as joint problems caused by decreased vascular dysfunction and estrogen secretion.

In this trial, 80 healthy menopausal women were divided into two groups, one taking 75 mg of resveratrol per day and one taking a placebo for a period of 14 days. Before and after the trial, the researchers measured health indicators for volunteers including pain, menopausal symptoms, sleep quality, depressive symptoms, mood, and quality of life. In addition, the researchers also tested the response of cerebral vasodilation to hypercapnia, a biomarker of cerebrovascular function.

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The researchers found that resveratrol supplements significantly reduced pain and improved overall health of the subject compared with placebo, both of which are indicators of improved quality of life and are associated with improved cerebrovascular function. . Researchers say that although more research is needed, existing studies have shown that resveratrol can reduce chronic pain associated with age-related osteoarthritis and may improve the well-being of postmenopausal women.

According to the researchers, they are conducting a larger follow-up study in which they plan to assess the effects of resveratrol on cerebrovascular function, cognitive performance and bone health, involving 160 menopausal women. The test results will be announced in the middle of 2019.



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