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Resveratrol is not only anti-cancer but also can help Ecstasy “attenuate” brain injury

Drugs are incarnations of coffee bags, candy, and biscuits. Invading youngsters has caused more and more serious abuses. Many young people have eaten foods or drugs cause permanent damage to the brain nerves. The research of the Pharmaceutical Research Group of the Department of Clinical Pharmacy of the General Hospital of the Third Armed Forces found that the resveratrol contained in red grape skins, red wine, and nuts often consumed by people can reduce the poisoning symptoms caused by nearly 70% of MDMA. It can be used in the prevention of drugs in the future. Injuries and research results were published in well-known medical journals at home and abroad.

 Shi Ruihu, head of the Pharmaceutical Research Group of the Clinical Pharmacy Department of the General Hospital of the Third Armed Forces, stated that when the study was conducted two years ago, many international cardiovascular studies found that Europeans had fewer cardiovascular diseases than Americans, and later thought that their eating habits like drinking. As regards red wine, the red, nut, and red grape skins contain “resveratrol,” a substance that has multiple functions such as anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, anti-oxidation, and anti-vegetation. Alcohol and drug research.

 Shi Ruihu said that taking ecstasy would feel excited and pleasant because the brain is combined with serotonin transporter neurons to increase the concentration of serotonin transporters temporarily and promote the release of serotonin, so they feel euphoric, but also Can cause permanent brain damage.

 However, the three-team team used rat angiography to show that resveratrol can compete with Ecstasy in the rat brain serotonin transporter, “preemptive” and occupy the place where the original combination of ecstasy and serotonin. It can prevent the toxic effects of ecstasy from harming the brain, reduce the damage by up to 70%, and even prevent the depressive symptoms caused by MDMA withdrawal.

 Li Yixun, director of the Clinical Pharmacy Department of the General Hospital of the Third Armed Forces, said that ecstasy is irreversible for brain cell damage. The United States had done research, fed monkeys to eat ecstasy, and dissected the brain seven years later and found that brain cells were still damaged. The younger people taking ecstasy, the more severe the damage to the brain cells, not only will cause the brain cells to degenerate earlier, but also produce depressive disorders and other sequelae.

 The world's first demonstration of resveratrol's ability to prevent ecstasy research has been published in the European Journal of Neuropsychopharmacology in 2016. Li Yixun said that in recent years, drug packaging has become more and more diversified. Coffee bags and candies are also often poisoned. If parents are concerned, they can give resveratrol first to prevent children from drinking or running. In the future, cocktails will be developed and researched and developed to reduce the harm of drugs to Chinese people.

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