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The effect and role of knotweed resveratrol

    knotweed resveratrol is bitter cold, bitter energy can be damp and cold, cold can clear heat, so it can clear away heat and dampness, can benefit urination, and is often used for turbidity, vaginal discharge and other diseases. Also used for acute urinary tract infections, urinary burning pain, can be used with other heat and dampness drugs.
knotweed resveratrol is bitter and cold, slightly sweet, spicy, flat, and micro-sin can be used to clear out the evil, bitter cold can clear away heat and dampness, so it can be used to dilute the yellow, often used for damp heat and jaundice. Can also be used for jaundice hepatitis, cholecystitis, this product can be used with other heat-clearing dampness drugs.

polygonum cuspidatum extract
polygonum cuspidatum extract


    The knotweed tastes bitter, and enters the liver, it enters the blood, so it can promote blood circulation, often used for blood stasis, rheumatism, bruises, bruises and other symptoms. For amenorrhea and postpartum blood stasis and abdominal pain, can be combined with gun ginger and peach kernel. And bruises, blood stasis, swelling, pain, can be single-shui decoction, can also be used outside with frying water to wash.
    knotweed resveratrol can clear away heat and dampness, wet to remove phlegm, and into the lungs, so it can relieve phlegm and cough, often used for lung heat cough. With the batch of leaves, fritillaria, etc. can heat and phlegm.
    The knotweed bitter cold, both into the gas, but also into the blood, both clear gas, cool blood, long blood circulation, can vent heat, detoxification, pain, often used to treat heat sores, such as sore throat, sore痈, burns, snakes, etc.
    knotweed resveratrol is bitter, can diarrhea gastrointestinal heat, has the effect of releasing heat and laxative, can be used for hot constipation and hemorrhoids.
1, pregnant women with caution. Therefore, the object has a blood circulation effect, and pregnant women are not suitable.
2, should not be taken in large quantities. knotweed resveratrol contains emodin, tannin and various phenolic compounds, which are small poisonous. Excessive use can stimulate the reaction of the gastric mucosa. Therefore, it is not suitable for large doses and long-term use. Generally no more than 30 grams per day is appropriate.



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