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The effect of tannic acid on the human body

Tannins acid help wine ageing

Tannin has an antioxidant effect and is a natural preservative. It can effectively prevent wine from becoming sour due to oxidation, so that long-term storage of wine can be kept at its best. Therefore, tannins play a decisive role in the ageing ability of red wine. A good bottle of red wine will probably get better after 10 years. Simply put, tannins are the key to making wines ageable.

Tannic acid Gallic acid
Tannic acid Gallic acid


The antioxidant effect of tannin on the human body

People have done a test to study how wine tannins and tea tannins oxidize in the human body, which in turn affects the human body. According to the research report, wine tannins can produce antioxidant effects in the human body, while tea tannins cannot. In other words, the tannins in the wine are very beneficial to the human body.

Tannic acid Gallic acid
Tannic acid Gallic acid


About migraine problems

Discussions about whether tannins can cause migraine have continued. But if you must be absolutely effective in avoiding tannins, then you must stay away from chocolate, apple juice, nuts, tea, pomegranate, and of course wine.


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