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Trans resveratrol future international market outlook

As a person in the industry, everyone is familiar with trans resveratrol. In recent years, trans resveratrol has greatly improved from industry reputation to consumer market recognition. Coupled with the more relevant health effects of trans resveratrol in research and upcoming confirmation, industry and consumers are looking forward to it. Can trans resveratrol ingredients become the mainstream role of future food supplements? This will be waiting for the industry to wait and observe and reflect.

Trans resveratrol has gradually gained fame in the international market for two years from 2009 to 2010, corresponding to the frenzy of China's trans resveratrol market in 2008-2009. At that time, the price of trans resveratrol extracted from the Chinese knotweed was as high as 5,000 yuan per kilogram. In addition, the industry immediately looked forward to it. Many manufacturers actively explored the process of adding trans resveratrol and added trans resveratrol. Trading companies are even more popular. Around 2010, the international companies that have developed and launched trans resveratrol are also very attractive. International companies are closer to the mainstream Western market in terms of R&D, market operation and publicity, which is even more impressive. Fluxome has introduced the fermentation method. Resin, DSM launched synthetic trans resveratrol and successfully obtained the US GRAS status, and French companies developed grape skins based on the prestige of high-quality vineyards, low-level trans resveratrol derived from grape leaves and so on. The market for trans resveratrol raw materials is hot.

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