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What is the efficacy and effect of emodin?

Emodin is a liver-protecting medicine that can clear away heat and detoxify, accelerate the motility of the stomach and promote digestion and absorption. It can also suppress various epidemic viruses and has an effect on many colds. There is also the effect of stopping bleeding and protecting the liver, and the various effects are very obvious. However, when we take it, we still need to understand its various effects, as well as the applicable symptoms, to prevent the use of the wrong drugs, and cause adverse effects.


1, diarrhea

The role of rhubarb in diarrhea is exact, and the action site is mainly in the large intestine. After oral administration, the diarrhea occurs in 6-8 hours.

2, liver protection, daring

Rhubarb has a liver-protecting effect, which can significantly reduce the ALT value of liver injury model induced by CCl4, and reduce hepatocyte swelling, degeneration and necrosis. Its action includes: promoting hepatocyte RNA synthesis and hepatocyte regeneration; stimulating interferon production, inhibiting virus reproduction; promoting liver blood circulation and improving microcirculation. The role of rhubarb and choleretic is to clear the bile duct in the liver, improve bile duct bile accumulation, promote gallbladder contraction, relax the gallbladder Oddi sphincter, and promote bile secretion and bilirubin excretion.



3, gastric mucosal protection, anti-acute pancreatitis

Rhubarb promotes the production of prostaglandins in gastric mucosa and has a protective effect on gastric mucosa. Rhubarb enamel reduces the gastric secretion of experimental gastric ulcer rats, and reduces the free acidity of gastric juice; emodin, aloe-emodin, chrysophanol, and rhein have inhibitory effects on Helicobacter pylori. Rhubarb is clinically effective in treating acute pancreatitis with rapid and reliable efficacy. Its active ingredients have significant inhibitory effects on various pancreatic enzymes such as trypsin, pancreatic elastase, trypsin, pancreatic kallikrein and pancreatic amylase.

4, diuretic, improve kidney function

The mechanism of rhubarb treatment of azotemia may be: 1 rhubarb diarrhea reduces intestinal amino acid absorption. 2 Increased essential amino acids in the blood increase protein synthesis. 3 Rhubarb inhibits protein breakdown and reduces the source of BUN. 4 promote the excretion of urea and creatinine with urine. 5 inhibit renal compensatory hypertrophy and alleviate high metabolic status.

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